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This is the official home page for the Traditional Philately Commission within FIP (Fédération Internationale de Philatélie). The Commission defines the rules, regulations and guidelines for judging Traditional Philately at international FIP stamp exhibition.

The purpose of this Home Page is to communicate the work and the organization of the commission to all who might be interested in Traditional Philately.

Under "News" you will find the latest information from the commission.

Under "What is Traditional Philately" you will find a short introduction about what traditional philately is

Under "The Commission" you can find names and contacts to the Bureau Members and the delegates from the different national federations to the Traditional Commission.

Under "Meetings and Seminar" you will find minutes from the last meetings and information from traditional philately seminars.

Under "Rules and Regulations" you will find the "Special regulations for the evaluation of traditional philately at FIP exhibitions" (SREV) and the "Guidelines for judging traditional Philately Exhibits"

Under "Exhibiting" you will find an article that provides a guideline for people thinking about getting started with collecting and exhibiting. Also under the same tab is an article aimed at the more experienced exhibitor. Finally you will find an example of what a Traditional Exhibit looks like.

Under "Link etc." you will find link to the FIP home page, to other FIP Commissions home pages and other relevant links. You will also be able to Download official documents from the commission in different languages as well as articles and seminar presentations

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